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2013 InnSpire Conference Schedule Review

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Sunday, March 3
3:10 - 5:30 p.m.

Round Table Workshops

What a great way to start the conference out right - quick and easy round tables. This session included 10 industry experts, each at a table, discussing a different hot topic.

  • The 2013 Website Tune-up - Carolyn Laporte and the WowiZowi Team

  • GDS, OTAs and the Proliferation of Channels - Understanding the e-Marketplace - Jeff Tweddale, BookingCenter

  • Top 5 Local Marketing Tips - Bill Mitchell, RezStream Hospitality Solutions

  • The Importance of Online Reservations - Andrew Ratner,

  • Attracting International Guests - Thomas Brown, Bescover

  • How to Make the Most of your Flash Sale Promotion - Jane Ng, LivingSocial Escapes

  • Dog-Friendly Moneyball - Thinking Outside of the Doghouse - Dave Kendrick, DogTrekker

  • iPhones and Androids - Mobile and the Future of Reservations - Erin Hunnan and Jeff Gordon, buuteeq, Inc.

  • Transactions, Trends and Projections for 2013 - Dick Lopez, Lodging Brokers Network

  • Basics of Writing a Press Release - Jenn Wheaton, CABBI

Monday, March 4
9:15 - 10:15 a.m.


General Session

Learning to Run Wild: Achieving Work/Life Balance

Presented by Jean Steel, Happy People Win

Yes, we know. All your friends think you have the best job ever. What’s not to love? B&Bs are famous for their charming settings, relaxed guests, quirky but endearing staff, and scrumptious food. But! When the toilet backs up in number 5, the newlyweds in the bridal suite are fighting (already!), and the chef storms out leaving her half-baked scones in the oven – guess who’s left to put the good ship lollipop right?

Jean Steel will show you how the simple principles of “running wild” can help you to cope with any situation you face … behind the pretty scenes. Because in your line of work, a place most of you also call “home,” it’s important to draw a distinct line between the workplace and the home place. Learn how to build “downtime” into your daily schedule; to get rid of the activities (or people) that zap your energy; plus quick, on-the-spot ways to reduce stress.  You don’t work in Newhartʼs Stratford Inn in rural Vermont, but there may be days when Larry and the Darryls are spending way too much in your lobby. Running away is not an option; but Running Wild can help!

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10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Concurrent Workshops

Bartering is Back!

Presented by Rebecca Lucas and Kim Strabley, Internaltional Monetary Systems

Educate hotels managers and owners on how to leverage empty room nights, via barter, at off peak times at a premium price to secure items needed for the property such as printing, wine, ad premium items, advertising, etc. Everyone knows you can’t book last night’s empty room!

(Presentation Not Available)

“Tell the Tale Before the Sale”
Reservations Sales Training

Presented by Alan Barmaper, Barmaper & Associates

A workshop dedicated to driving revenue through improved techniques during the reservation process… quoting value before rates and selling, rather than order taking

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4:15 - 5:30 p.m.

Concurrent Workshops

The room is booked, now what? 

Presented by Shannon Bedard, Digital Alchemy

From confirmation to comment cards, Shannon helps you with some best practices on how to effectively communicate with your guest after the reservation process.  Learn some helpful tips/techniques for finding hidden revenue and keeping guests engaged on your property.  Great ideas to increase email capture, obtain guest feedback and target your guests with the “right” messages in the future.  Walk away with some fantastic new concepts you can make work for the unique needs of your property.

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How to best pair Cabernet Sauvignon with food!

Presented by Dean Busquaert of Sequoia Grove

The rules have changed! The primary tastes in food changes the way wine tastes.  Understanding these basic principles will make your wine and food experience more enjoyable.  This wine and food pairing lesson teaches you how to pair bold red wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon with food. The elements of taste in food will determine how the wine will taste. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most difficult wine to pair, because of its high tannin content. Your high school science teacher taught you that humans only experience four tastes on the tongue, Sweet, Salty, Sour and Bitter. Now we’ve learned about the fifth taste – Umami.  Cabernet Sauvignon will taste good with some of the 5 and horrible with others. Learn which of these 5 tastes will make Cabernet taste fabulous, and which will make you cringe.  Stop ruining your expensive red wines and pair them correctly!  This lesson will change the way you look at pairing red wines forever.  Fun and educational!

(Presentation Not Available)

Hiring employees in the state of California - The good, the bad and the ugly…

Presented by Jim Abrams, CABBI Member Legal Adviser

In the session presented by CABBI Member Legal Advisor Jim Abrams, learn how to protect yourself as an employer in California. Jim will be covering the following topics for innkeepers:

  • Are employee contracts necessary?
  • What should or shouldn’t be included in contracts?
  • Example of sample contacts
  • The hiring and interviewing process – discrimination, disabilities, background checks
  • What you need to know when you fire an employee and what to do if an employee files for unemployment
  • Independent contractors versus “employees”
  • Exempt versus non-exempt employees
  • Minimum wage and overtime requirements

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Employee Application Form
Application & Interviews Document
Resident Manager Rules

Tuesday, March 5"9:00 - 10:15 a.m.


General Session

Communicate With Strength - Key Words That Undermine Your Effectiveness

Presented by Karen Purves

Got the right words? Laugh and learn in this high energy, fun-filled, humorous session offering the latest solutions in effective communication. What are you saying that’s causing your prospects and customers to scamper to your competition? Karen will tell you - and give you replacement words and phrases! Leave with an immediate, specific, action plan to talk smart, and achieve tail-wagging results!

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10:30 - 11:45 a.m.

Concurrent Workshops

 Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

Presented by Tammie Carlisle, Milestone Internet Marketing

In only 30 minutes a day, use proven tools and best practices to manage your social media channels. The session will focus on how to manage the most important social channels, review tactics for engaging with customers for increasing online visibility and driving revenue for your hotel. Learn how social media works with search and gain ideas to integrate your electronic channels for maximum benefit.

(Presentation Not Available)

Email + Social = Success

Presented by Elyse Tager, Constant Contact

How can you keep your customers coming back for more – telling their friends – and keep your business thriving? Learn how to inform, inspire, and create long-term meaningful connections with an Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Strategy, building the relationships that build your success.  We’ll share:

  • Why you should use Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing for your business
  • Real world examples of businesses doing Email and Social Media Marketing well
  • How to grow your email contact list and Social Media presence
  • How often to send your emails and subject lines
  • Time management
  • Measuring the return of your activities
  • And more…tips, trends, and best practices

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12:00 - 1:30 p.m.

Lunch with General Session

"Digital Twister-From the Internet to Hypernet"

Presented by Bill Mitchel, RezStream Hospitality Solutions

The Digital Revolution is changing the way businesses interact with customers, and how we do business. Smart phones and tablets are all around you. What are you going to do about that? Traditional websites are becoming extinct. The new breed of websites are digital media hubs. Is yours? Businesses no longer control the marketing "message." Your potential customers are interacting with businesses in amazing new ways (smart phones and tablets). What is your digital marketing strategy? Would you like help creating one? Join Bill Mitchell, President & Founder of RezStream, as he exposes you to the very latest hot trends in the digital marketing universe.

Why should I attend? Because you haven't heard this information before. Because it will be creative and FUN! Because it will be relevant to your business. This presentation illuminates the very latest trends in digital marketing. We will also explore how to tie it all together into a winning digital marketing strategy. You will be exposed to very cool ideas, and you will laugh. (The last statement is not guaranteed).

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1:45 - 3:00 p.m.

Concurrent Workshops

Facebook: The Basics and Beyond

Presented by Jenn Wheaton, CABBI

Whether you’re a Facebook believer or not, the social site has become a part of all successful marketing strategies. Having a Facebook page today is almost as important as a website. But where do you begin? And how does anyone have time for it? In this workshop we will be going over the basics of setting up your Facebook page, tips on content management, and some helpful tricks for gaining “likes” and making Facebook work for your property.

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Charting your ADA Course … Smooth Sailing or Choppy Waters?

Presented by Chris Taylor, ADA Compliance Consultants

Chris Taylor, principal of ADA Compliance Consultants will talk about the latest code changes including senate bill 1186 signed into law in September and what means to Bed and Breakfast owners. Chris will also talk about the recently update federal codes, the little things you can do that make a big difference, how to make a plan, tax credits that are available, the ins and outs of a CASp report and certification and more.

(Presentation Not Available)

3:15 - 4:30 p.m.

General Session and Conference Close

Ask an Innkeeper!

Moderated by Jim Beazley, Beazley House Bed & Breakfast

Back by popular demand! Join this quick-fire Q&A session and you will get your questions answered. This session will be moderated by Innkeeper Jim Beazley of the Beazley House Bed & Breakfast. Questions will be asked to the group and all responses will be no more than 20 seconds. Questions like; “Do I need to buy a commercial washer?,” “What thread count sheets does everyone use?” “How many dryers do I need for my number of rooms?” and more!

(Presentation Not Available)

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